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Saragam organic food & consultancy

Saragam, meaning honeybee, an organization from Auroville to evolve the art of farming and related initiatives as an essential dimension of the art of living as a human being on Earth.

We are a team of professionals from different walks of life who love to share our experience and expertise to create a conducive eco-system to farm and farm-related services.  We also strive to enable socio, cultural, economic and ecological values within a community by adopting the different system of ecological practices. Regenerating Local Economy through community engagement and traditional practices without circumventing relevant modern approaches are our key objective.

Our focus is in supporting organic farmers and rural enterprises to get a fair price for their products

Saragam is providing consulting and capacity building support to

  • Design and develop Regenerative farms
  • Set up Community Supported Agriculture
  • Run Farm Field School
  • Promote Urban Farming Practices
  • Establish Organic Gardening at Schools
  • Market organic products

Ramanan, founder  Saragam