Auroville is build through projects :

it started with reforesting the barren land, supported by  major funding and hard work of the pioneers 50 years ago. 

Auroville has been engaging with indian and international organisations for small and big projects. . 

Today, Auroville has become a unique campus  for a regenerative approach in all sectors. Projects … research and application and majorly on capacity building  and outreach. 

Funding Auroville is bridging Aurovilles expertise in regenerative agriculture, soil, reforestation, biodiversity, ecological conservation, alternative energy, mobility, water conservation and regenerative waste to institutional funders in India and internationally. 

Aurovilles regenerative work in all sectors  :

Aurovilles Land regeneration :

Auroville and its mission for human unity, endorsed by UNESCO, is a globally recognised project.

Further information about Auroville : 

Auroville is a 80G tax- exempted foundation, setup by the Indian Government, and as such CAG audited