Fundraising Consultancy Service for Auroville Projects is a fundraising service for Auroville`s collective development, its land, ecology and work for human unity. 

Auroville is engaging as the most relevant hub for evolutionary regenerative culture globally.

Fundraising Consultancy Service for Auroville Projects is committed to fundraise for regenerative work and projects in ecological research, innovation, and education, as well as protection and development of Auroville’s land. 

Besides funding projects in and reaching out from Auroville, we focus on fundraising to secure priority land holdings for the “Auroville campus”.

Our mission is to secure the base, so that “the city the earth needs” continues to grow and develop harmoniously with its bioregion. 

Fundraising Consultancy for Auroville Projects serves as a dynamic link between those interested in promoting regenerative work in Auroville, the project holders and Auroville`s Governance.