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Pebblegarden with Deepika and Bernard

Pebble Garden – organic vegetable seed savers and land regeneration. Today Pebblegarden is a vibrant indigenous forest with returning wildlife, a productive bio-diverse garden and a fledgling fruit tree area regenerated from severely eroded, barren land in the west of Auroville. A garden area of a quarter acre is devoted to seed conservation created by an intensive process of soil building, using select pioneer species. Today the garden holds a plant collection of more than 100 endangered traditional vegetable varieties from all over India – root crops, herbs, perennial and wild food crops, medicinal plants and flowers. Pebble Garden also has a charcoal/wood vinegar production plant, and conducts research on in terra preta. A place of continuous learning, methods are shared with home gardeners and subsistence farmers throughout India, and with organic farmers’ collectives via organic fairs and seed melas.