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Adopt a Tree

A fundraiser for ongoing forest regeneration

We propose you to adopt a tree – and take care of the earth for its roots as well! Just planting a tree is not enough – we offer the full package: 50 years of expertise in afforestation in Auroville, living on site, high motivation to increase biodiversity and offer carbon offset through planting of indigenous trees, particularly evergreen trees. Even more: A part of your donations goes towards the land, a protecting of the tree with life fence and the ongoing care with mulching, weeding, watering for the first 3 years of its life. That way, you really have a tree grow – and obviously the benefits of trees grow exponentially with the size of the tree!

We provide : 

  • Planting of different trees, detailed carbon offset has been calculated
  • GPS location of your tree
  • A tree planted in a regenerating forest, planted in the rare TDEF Tropical Dry Ever Green Forest Ecosystem, to further to stimulate the indigenous biodiversity in fauna and flora to flourish.
  • Contributing to a gene pool of indigenous trees and shrubs in South India, which already spreads by self propagation, and natural regeneration. 
  • Participating in offsetting the Carbon generated by you, and your family, in the most effective natural way. 
  • Once your tree yields fruits and seeds, we courier them to you on your request.