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Adopt a Tree

A fundraiser for ongoing forest regeneration

We propose you to adopt a tree – and take care of the earth for its roots as well! Just planting a tree is not enough – we offer the full package: 50 years of expertise in afforestation in Auroville, living on site, high motivation to increase biodiversity and offer carbon offset through planting of indigenous trees, particularly evergreen trees. Even more: A part of your donations goes towards the land, a protecting of the tree with life fence and the ongoing care with mulching, weeding, watering for the first 3 years of its life. That way, you really have a tree grow – and obviously the benefits of trees grow exponentially with the size of the tree!

We provide : 

  • Planting of different trees, detailed carbon offset has been calculated
  • GPS location of your tree
  • A tree planted in a regenerating forest, planted in the rare TDEF Tropical Dry Ever Green Forest Ecosystem, to further to stimulate the indigenous biodiversity in fauna and flora to flourish.
  • Contributing to a gene pool of indigenous trees and shrubs in South India, which already spreads by self propagation, and natural regeneration. 
  • Participating in offsetting the Carbon generated by you, and your family, in the most effective natural way. 
  • Once your tree yields fruits and seeds, we courier them to you on your request.

Please contact us, we will send detailed info and your tree (s) will be planted and grow!