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Linking Auroville’s Forests

Bridging forest lands for enhanced biodiversity fauna & flora, Water conservation,

Auroville has 44 forests regenerating the original rare TDEF`s  (Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest) flora & fauna. We aim at purchasing strategic land parcels to link the forests by corridors, as this will greatly enhance the biodiversity in fauna and flora. Especially rare tree species and apex predators require continuous habitat to thrive and reproduce.  

Monitor lizards, many snakes and tortoises, jackals, civet cats, 101 species of birds, and an ever growing variety of insects, spiders and small reptiles have taken refuge in our lush green tropical forests.  

Northern Corridor

This is still a wide area with lots of Cashew topes, wilderness and very low impact of humans

Its an important watershed for Auroville, with a pebble outcrop – a water recharge zone

Southern Corridor 

This would close off Auroville`s forests to the south and Pondicherry (garbage dump and airport)

A major water conservation dam to retain 1000s  liter of water,  which would either percolate and be retained in water retention ponds. 

Eastern Corridor

An area with flourishing biodiversity, and especially amazing bird life 

Corridors are crucial to secure water inflow towards coastal village ponds, an thus protection from overextraction of groundwater, as salt water intrusion is already happening just a few kilometres away. 

A Corridor will help protecting the forests from the sprawl of development coming up from the coastal highway

Project holders Island Lescure and Rishi Walker

Budget    The budget does include land purchase, fencing, land regeneration (reforestation, water conservation)

A detailed project proposal is available, please contact us at