Sigrid Lindemann

Founder of Funding Auroville

Fundraising for land for Auroville since 2012, long term member of Auroville community International faculty in Classical Homeopathy, Trauma therapy and integral Regression therapy.

Giovani Parrillo

He was a partner at Baker McKenzie, one of the most renowned multinational law firms, practicing Intellectual Property, Information Technology & Communications, and commercial law for more than 16 years. The last 6 years he worked for in Luxembourg as Senior Corporate Counsel, managing a large team of lawyers focus

Vinay Elumalai

Born and bred in Auroville. I am very passionate about photography and videography, and I try to help as much as possible with various projects within Auroville.

Yves Iraguha

5 years work experience in:
General work management on the administrative level:

*Application for grants and reports for grants use, Events management, Small scale construction site management, Educational programs coordinator, Hosting the guests for the African Pavilion as well as providing all the necessary information relevant to the project.

Hands-on practices that include: Permaculture(Organic Farming) and other various eco-friendly techniques for a sustainable living, including basic Green Building works and Waste management.