Alan Watson Featherstone

Ecologist, nature photographer, speaker , Findhorn, Scotland

Is an ecologist, nature photographer and inspirational public speaker who has been living in the Findhorn Community in Scotland since 1978.

In 1986 he founded the award-winning Scottish charity, Trees for Life, to help restore the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland, having been inspired in part by visiting Auroville in 1985 and seeing first-hand the forest restoration work that had been carried out there.

Alan has visited Auroville several times since then, most recently in March 2020, and has close connections with many of the people involved in Auroville’s greenwork. He has given public talks in Auroville about ecological restoration on several occasions, and regularly promotes Auroville through his own work elsewhere – for example a photograph of banyan trees at Fertile in Auroville features in the Forests Forever perpetual calendar that he has produced.

Alan is a former trustee of the Findhorn Foundation, currently trustee of Wild things! (an environmental education charity in Scotland) and a trustee of Trees for Hope (a charity which aims to restore degraded ecosystems).

Alan is on the Advisory Council of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps project and is an advisory board member for the Ecological Citizen journal. He is also a Patron of the charity Moor Trees (forest restoration work on Dartmoor, England).

Auroville continues to be a great source of inspiration for him, and he is one of the links between the two sister communities of Findhorn and Auroville.

Dal LaMagna

New York, USA, is businessman practising responsible capitalism,

He is a former CEO of Tweezerman, and CEO and CFO of IceStone, promoting sustainable business, Trustee of Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and served at the Advisory Board of Directs of the Social Venture Network (SVN).

Dal LaMagna has produced political and spiritual films and
worked as a citizen diplomat.

Dal LaMagna has visited Auroville for extended periods past
20 years, and stays in contact via AVI USA.

Michael Shaw

An ecological engineering

Michael Shaw works in the field of ecological engineering in the water and energy sectors past decades. 

Michael Shaw is the former Chair of Trustees of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, is an Honorary Professor in Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, with directorships of Biomatrix Water Solutions Ltd, Farm Hand Ltd (smart irrigation) and Findhorn Innovation Research and Education CIC.

Michael is a Friend of Auroville and first stayed on site in 1979. In recent years he has split his time between Pitchandikulam Forest in Auroville and Soillse in the Findhorn Com