Aurovrata Venet

IT Business Strategist, New Delhi

Aurovrata Venet is an Aurovillian at heart, working and living in India for the last 30 years, with focus on developing business strategies for Indian enterprises and data analytics in the field of Information Technology.

Aurovrata Venet has proudly contributed to the Indian government’s Industrial carbon footprint data capture and analysis as well as the Indian space program lunar mission, Chandrayan 1.

He is a passionate advocate of India’s contribution to the world and believes Auroville can play an important role in that development.

Daniel Greenberg

An Educator, ecologist , Findhorn

has launched organizations in environmental work and education, past engagement include co-founder of Gaia Education, president of Global Ecovillage Network, Chair of Sustainability Task Forces for NAFSA Association of International Educators, founder of the “Living Routes” study program with over 1500 students benefitting, and the social venture “Earth Deeds”, “Onset their carbon” directly to support sustainability projects.

Jean-Sebastian Simon

Conscious Business Coach, trained B-Leader, Paris, France

Coached high achieving individuals for their Vision, Mission, leadership, strategic thinking, partnership creation, fundraising, revenue generation, high-level negotiation, conflict resolution, and creating dream teams.
Clients include CEOs, boards of directors, directors of businesses and non-profits in France, USA, India & Italy. Studied at California Institute of Integral Studies, several prolonged visits to Auroville and Pondicherry

Ken Vanosky

CFO and fundraiser / San Francisco

has a 30+ years history working in the San Francisco Bay Area as a C-level executive, largely as CFO with technology start-up companies. He also spent 10-years with a Fortune 100 company where he last served as Corporate VP with financial and administrative responsibility for a group of eleven entrepreneurial service companies. His business responsibilities span the areas of finance, operations, and international management. He co-founded several technology companies, taking one public and served as a strategic business consultant to many more. Highly experienced internationally, work and travel have taken him to 71 countries. Educational background includes MS and BA degrees in International Management, and a BA in History. Ken also has a long history of engagement with projects for social good, community development, and transformation practices where he has served as a course leader and facilitated over 50-weekend training. He helped to develop two community-based training organizations that are now international in scope.

Scott Fossel

Scott has a sophisticated background in biology, technology, sustainability, and innovation. He is quite knowledgeable in the areas of biomimicry, circular economy, and sustainable cities. He is a highly interdisciplinary problem solver with finely honed entrepreneurial and creative skills. Scott has had broad experience launching a number of high technology companies and hands on experience designing their products. He has had his own consulting practice for many years that works with clients whose primary interests lie at the intersection of his specialties. As well, he has broad experience both in small-scale residential real estate and in a variety of projects involving large-scale commercial real estate planning, development, and transactions. Volcano, Hawaii, United States

Supriya Varadhan

An environmentalist with 3.5 years of experience in marketing and business development in water and wastewater projects and technologies in Mumbai. Her work experience includes working on Clean Development Mechanism in Ernst &Young and handling a research and resource centre in Mumbai. She holds a degree in Architecture and a post graduate degree in Sustainability Management for Corporate Business from London.